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    just wanted to share a funny job
    went to blockage in high rise blockage level 1 of 22 floors overflow in unit 11 from floor waste grates in bathroom tried to plunge no go sent k1500 down wc after taking out suite to clear blockage in stack cost owner 7500aud to clean apartment replace carpet skirts and accomadate tennants for 2 weeks but the blockage had occured 3 occasions before i attended blockage was clear but didnt feel right .
    tried to persuade client to use seasnake with great difficulty finally convincing him after i told him i wasnt going to guarantee blockage wouldnt happen again soon.
    sent camera down wc waste into stack then down stack to ground floor then i noticed somthing stranse it had a lot of paper on it but it appeared to look like 50mmpvc turned on basin to try to get better look waited for a bit and yep a 50mm pvc pipe inside the 100mm stack .
    the stack offset at ground level 2 45 degree bends time to locate with navitrak void was in bathroom unit1 accomadating pipework located navi so jackhammered tiles in broom then bessa brick bare in mind high rise 12 mths old when i could see the stack pvc 4 inch it had written in black texta all over the pipe blocked ha ha ha i guess the installer of stack 1 year ago didnt like the boss and cost insurance comp 22000aud in total. glad i convinced them to use my camera