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    I'm looking at getting a mini seesnake package with the navitrack. We do about 95% residential service work. I want this camera to run through after we clear a mainline for a customer, so we can show them what the problem is. I have a few questions.

    Is the mini seesnake the right one to go with? The lines will be no larger than 4".

    Do I need to purchase an inline transmitter or will a monitor/miniseesnake package work 'out of the box' with a natitrack?

    Will the navitrack replace my old line locator?


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    Thank you for your interest in SeeSnake cameras. From what you have posted, I believe that the mini SeeSnake will meet your needs. I will answer your questions in the order asked:

    The Black & White mini is sized to travel through multiple 90 degree bends in 1-1/4" lines and provides enough light to illuminate 6" lines. The Color mini is rated for 1-1/2" lines to 6" lines.

    The mini is a great versatile camera that will meet your needs and give you a little extra if you ever come across larger lines.

    All SeeSnake cameras now come with factory installed in-line transmitters so that your camera should work with your NaviTrack right out of the box.

    NaviTrack will replace your existing locator. I'm sure that you will quickly see how easy and fun locating with NaviTrack can be.
    Mark F. Fleming<br />Product Manager<br />RIDGID/Kollmann