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Do you charge for your camera work?

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  • Do you charge for your camera work?

    What is the $/hr. rate in your geographic region? If you don't charge, why?

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    There are different rates across the country. Look at SeeSnake charges discussion just below your question.

    Some are actually finding that they just add the inspection into the call. They tend to sell a great deal more work if they can show it to the customer. Others charge and have no problems getting several hundred dollars.

    Good Luck!


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      We charge a base price and say it will help us find and better fix the problem and it leaves no dout in the coustomers mind that it was the problem.null


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        When cabling sewer lines I usually charge for the camera and locate, but I do let the customer know that if any sewer repair work is done by my buisness then we will credit the cost of the camera and locate.
        This gives us the upper hand in winning bids to complete the work.


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          Charge for a locate locally hovers around (using one of two different Seesnake units) 200$/hour, across all the sewer and drain businesses, owner's discretion as to whether any discounts are given for further work (which for some sewer and drain outfits is a non-issue). The units run around 10 grand, you better make it pay for itself somehow.