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    I am trying to get my mini b/w camera down a 3" area drain that drains a baseball field/stands/dugout. There are 2 quik elbows and then the line drops straight down about 10' into a T. I can't seem to get the camera to navigate into the main collection line at the T. I had a tough enough time getting it to go through the previous elbows.

    Is there anything I can do to get the camera to go down better or easier? Would any of the skids help? Does the spring get worn out?

    It seems like the camera is dropping straight down into that T and just bending it half rather than going into the pipe.



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    Hello Matt:

    One of the things you may want to do is to tie a string to the spring. When you get to the t pull on the string on the side you want to turn the camera and then push it through. Look at the training videos that we offer on our website to see examples of this and other techniques in action.

    Hope that helps!




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      Specifically you can watch the video titled "getting through a tough turn". This shows a technique where a quick pop gets the camera through the T.

      If the camera head pops through in the direction that you did not want to go, try using the string technique mentioned earlier. My guess is that you may not have the slack to "pop" the head through since you have those turns in the beginning but you should try it.

      Always be sure that you watch the cable at the point of entry so that you do not kink the cable.