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Maintenance tip for Seesnake cameras

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  • Maintenance tip for Seesnake cameras

    Here's a great maintenance tip for cameras.

    If you light lens becomes cloudy, it affects the amount of light that can illuminate the pipe wall. Even though you can see the LED's, the cloudiness of the plastic lens really cuts down on the illumination. The best way to cure this is to use a Dremel tool with a small cloth buffing wheel and automotive buffing compound - fine grit only. Generously apply compound, buff off with Dremel tool. Be careful of speed rotation, too fast will melt plastic, right amount of buffer speed will polish crystal clear. Also, deep scratches can be removed with this method. We do this once a month, with lens cleaning between jobs always done by hand cloth and rubbing compound.

    This is a really effective for color Seesnake cameras where ALL the light is necessary to see in 6 inch or larger pipe.