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RE: Maintenance tip for Seesnake cameras

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  • RE: Maintenance tip for Seesnake cameras

    This is a good tip, but it isn't entirely true here is why:
    The older Seesnake cameras'light efficiency would increase a bit after the first couple uses. This is because the window is smooth, therefore, it won't spread the light out as well, so the scratching that happens after the first few uses give the window a texture.
    Texture was something that was added to the window on the newer camera designs because it helps to spread the light out in lines. Otherwise it may shine straight down the line almost like a flashlight. For this reason some scratches or texture is good. Of course after using the camera it is a good thing to clean the window off so that dirt does not build up and effect the lights' efficiency. The dirt is the main cause of reduced lighting because it builds up in the scratches. After repeated use even a clean window will accumulate enough scratches that will significantly diminish the amount of light that escapes the window, so for this reason window replacement is an important part of routine maintenance.