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hooking seesnake to a computer?

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  • hooking seesnake to a computer?


    I made a connection from my seesnake to a pc.
    And now i can record it to my harddisc.
    My question is what software to use for editing,
    the material?.
    V/d Blaak B.V because **** happens

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    Depends on what format you save the video in.
    Many choices; MPG, MOV, WMV, and many more. If you have Windows XP or ME you should have Windows Moviemaker already installed as part of a standard OS install. Be aware that video files can grow to huge proportions (multi-gigibyte files), you'll need a fast, LARGE HD to save even 30 minutes of video. File size will vary of course with format and size (640x480, 320x240, etc).

    The are some DVD recorders (HP is one) that will allow you to connect video and audio directly to the recorder and record direct to a DVD. Still need the DVD drive connected to the computer and software on the computer running to record though.


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      I know but most video's wont be any longer than,
      30 minutes or so.
      I think that a laptop whit a capacity of 40 gig.
      will do.
      I presume that there are more people here who use,
      a computer to record there findings.
      But i want to make it my self easy whit editing
      files etc.
      V/d Blaak B.V because **** happens


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        I don't have a see-snake but I would imagine that it would be no different than any video camera as a source. I use Pinnacle Studio to edit and create movies from my Handycam. I found the software easy to learn as my first project was a 70 minute training video created from about 2 hrs of footage, the total time to lean, edit and create the DVD was about 12 hrs including ripping time on a slow P3 computer. This software lets you fully manipulate the captured video and will save it in just about any format you would like (AVI, MPEG, Real Video, Windows Media, VideoCD, S-VCD, DVD)
        They have another product called Dazzle that may work for you as well, I think it is a scaled down version of Studio

        Pinnacle Site


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          A friend of mine supplied me whit some software,
          progams one of these is pinnacle studio
          I already recorded some film and it's easy to use
          I think that I have to practice a lot and,
          my goal is to put everything at one disc'.
          including reports etc.
          so that it's easy for my clients to overview the,
          whole thing.

          Thanks for the advice any further suggestions
          are welcome.

          Greetings : Peter
          V/d Blaak B.V because **** happens