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    i established this buisness name 1 year ago when i bought my camera setup do u think anyone gets it oh well i think u guys should.another funny job i did was for a plumber whom called me out after ripping up a concrete drive and using a backhoe to find his blockage he even dug down to 2.3 mts and obviously shored his trench .he was old school and in australia we submit plans after sewer installation he was confident the plan would be spot on this was a 2 million dollar house with a long drain to authority drain he spent 2 days on the job and sent down 8 cables and stept it out and confirmed from plan wereabouts.after he got down to 2.3mt deep he gave up and alas called me to c what was happening much to his dismay old school and his great trust in sewer machine and plans.anyway i sent the camera down IS shaft near retic downstream of blockage got to the mass off roots and located.the locate was about 8 cables away from his amazingly big hole all trench shored and all.i stayed for repair and got drain going again and was wondering where did his cable go so i camera were he sent down to find a 27a or US a tee with a riser connecting the gully totally a no no in australia must us 85 degree sweep so his 8 cables went upstream.had to share it with someone i was there on the second excation with the millionare owner watching his driveway with trench shoring sets hanging out of it and his second dig his astro turf tennis court ripped up watching on i am still laughing