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  • Possible Chimney Inspections

    I am looking for a video system to inspect fireplace chimney flues. It appears that this SeeSnake system may be a possiblity. The typical chimney would only be about 16' for a single story and 26' for a two story flue. Would the cable on a SeeSnake be stiff enough to push up to this height in a larger pipe?

    Would the camera be able to see the hairline cracks that are typical in a flue after a chimeny fire?

    Any comments would be appreciated.

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    The cable should push up the chimney but I would suggest starting at the top and pushing this inside a pipe to guide this where you wanted it to go.

    The camera lighting is optimized for pipes. This means that if the Camera had to illuminate a large area like a chimney or a tank, that other lighting might be necessary. If it were to inspect a small portion of the wall then it would do the job nicely. The only consideration would be getting the head where you wanted it to look.

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      That will depend on how much light will be present. If enough light is there for the camera it should see well. As for detail the images are excellent. My earlier point though should be considered. Getting the camera head into position is going to be the key. In Europe people use the SeeSnake Compact and FlatPack for chimney inspections often. If detail is a prime consideration I would recommend the color mini as the resolution is the highest.