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  • Last Weeks Camera Work

    So I had two interesting problems last week. The first was back to back stalls in commercial restrooms where the maintainance crew always has problems with. Not only did they have frequent stoppages but they also had a hard time with going into the opposing closet bend rather than down the drain while snaking.

    As suspected I found the rough-in plumber had used a double san-tee on the back to back fixtures. The little trick with the string on the end of the camera took care of that problem but the camera kept turning around on itself as I tried to go down the drain.

    You know when you see the push cable in the monitor you have a problem. After one and a half hours I was finally able to wiggle, twist and push the cable just right to get down the drain.

    On the way in I could not tell what was causing my problem. On the way out I found the drain was about half full with tile grout from original construction (10+ years).

    My second problem was a 4" drain to an out building (recent construction) that had frequent stoppages.

    In the first 50' of drain I had some minor ponding but nothing too bad. The next 100' was completely under water.

    Using my NaviTrack I did some locating and found where the drain tied into the back of another out building (original construction) and the drain was only 11" deep.

    I got my auto level off the truck and shot some elevations. As it turns out I had a total of 24" of fall in 150' of drain. The first 50' of drain took 10" of the fall. The last 100' ended up being one giant belly which was holding a full 4" of water.

    The fix on this sewer is going to be to run a new 4" lateral to the street at 415'. The point is without a camera and a locator the maintainance crew would be trying to figure this out for many years to come.


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      Nice story ToUtahNow.

      Keep them coming.