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SeeSnake Extension - Got 325' Need 500'

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  • SeeSnake Extension - Got 325' Need 500'

    I have purchased a 325' See Snake with Camera. Unfortunately I need a 500' or longer Sea Snake and Rigid does not sell a longer snake. My question is there an extension I can purchase? Is there a way I can fabricate a cable that is longer and if so do you know where I could order the parts. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    I'm confused as to why you need to go 500'. If your in the street manholes should be every 300'. If your on private property clean outs should be every 100'

    If you coupled two Seesnake push rods together you could get 500' but you'd likely need to pull it as oppose to pushing it. However, you may want to check and see how much signal quality you would lose at 500'.

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