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Problems with Seesnake b/w heads

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  • Problems with Seesnake b/w heads

    We have two b/w seesnakes and a Navitrac and very happy with the overall performance of both especially the Navitrac, but we have had some reliablity problems with the seesnake camera heads and transmitters. We do not expose the heads to jetters in the lines and we do not use the cameras for battering rams. We camera all lines after cleaning to warranty the line and recommend a repair or replacement. We use string where possible and do not get our camera into places where we cannot get it out or run a risk of damage. Why are we having problems with the pictures flickering after just a few uses of a new recond. head from the factory? What is the warranty on recond. heads? Last but not least is there a new type of pin connection system for the transmitters that make a lasting more positive connection? Thank you for all of your help with these issues. PGrogan

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    First off, thank you for your continued interest in our cameras and locating equipment.

    Unfortunately, we cannot say without looking at the reel as to what could be wrong. It could be the camera head or various connections. By your question you typed concerning the transmitter connection, you may want to start with the transmitter to make sure that the pins are inserted all the way into the camera head or the pig tail.

    Our three pin connection will provide a water tight, reliable connection when inserted correctly. We have not changed this connection format.

    As for the reconditioned head, it carries the RIDGID lifetime warranty against material defects & workmanship. Simply put, if we installed faulty parts that caused your system to go down, or we installed good parts incorrectly, we make a commitment to you through our warranty to try and correct that error.

    If you have additional concerns, please email me using the email function of this board and we will try to get your concerns addressed.
    Mark F. Fleming<br />Product Manager<br />RIDGID/Kollmann


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      Mark I appreciate your reply and thank you for having such a great website. We have one other issue that is minor that we have resolved. We have had two seesnake frames break from repeated loading and unloading. There is an unusual amount of stress put on the frame when the wheels make contact with the surface you are loading them on. They tend to want to fold in. This in turn causes the frame to break over time. We have found that just by being more careful loading the camera further damage has been almost eliminated. The only problem is making sure all of your plumbers/drain techs are being careful too. One suggestion for the frame on the camera. The crossmember on the frame could be lowered closer to the ground to prevent unneeded stress or the addition of a second crossmember would help. Thanks again...patrick


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        We also had one of our camera's just worked on last week and they did not find a problem with it. After pushing it out approx 10 ft or more the picture will cut in and out. We think it may be the push cable itself so do you recommend that we cut off 25ft ourselves and reconnect the camera head with a termination kit or should we have our service agent do this. The only problem is that our serv. agent is located an hour away. We do have licensed electricians at our company.