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  • See Snake charges

    I just purchased a new see snake camera system and am wondering what is a going rate for using this type of equipment. Could someone share with me what you get for using this equipment. I have the onlyequipment like this in a 50 mile radius but don't want to overprice myself so we don't get business either.

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    I have seen plumbers charge 150 to 200 dollars for this service. Whether this is appropriate pricing for responding to an end customer's request for a video pipe inspection depends on the region and what the market will handle. However, the price is usually discounted when offering the inspection as an additional service or when subcontracting the work for other plumbers.

    Most inspections are not requested by the customer but rather the result of OFFERING this service in addition to work already being performed. Very few customers will actually call and request a pipe inspection. Generally, pipe inspection is offered to the customer during or following drain cleaning and the price is either added to or included with the entire service.

    The key element to PRICING is whether or not other services are performed. The price of any site delivered service needs to include the "average cost per call". Once the cost of the initial call is met, any additional service can be offered at cost savings to both the plumber and the customer. This is generally in the form of "price discounts" for several services performed at one time (during the course of a single visit).

    Offering pipe inspection as a subcontracted service to other plumbers generally means that their customers are paying a higher price for the service (the plumber usually adding a margin for arranging the service). Plumbers that lack their own camera, generally resist subcontracting pipe inspection because of the delays associated with rescheduling the work or the possible loss of their customer to the subcontract himself. Therefore, subcontracted pipe inspections are usually performed only after all other means of problem solving have been exhausted. If you are the only one in the area with a SeeSnake you can also advertise this to gain an advantage.

    If the customer does not want a video inspection remember that using your SeeSnake will make you money in other ways. If you can pinpoint the problem you can concentrate your efforts on one section as opposed to trying to cover the whole line. You can also be sure that the line is clear avoiding the need to return. Both save you time which I'm sure you know equates to money.

    All the best!


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      "just an employee"
      My boss charges 325.00 per camera job and I have no problem selling the service.
      Think of all the money you are saving the customer by repairing just the bad section,usually a 5 foot section or less .
      Further more all this equipment is not cheap and it does wear and tear. Believe me if you fix the customers problem, they will gladly pay your price and will love you for it. Good luck! Ole the rooter man. null


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        we give it AWAY FOR FREE!!! we even list his in our ad in the yellow pages! We video every line we can for free for two reasons.1) to revoke the wrrnty if the line is broken or 2) to sell a dig on the job if we can.If you video ten lines 60% of the time we end up digging and making a repair or replacing the whole line.My competitor Is nuts for charging for this service.We learned this at the show in tenn (the cleaner expo)
        Advance Tech sewer and Drain