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  • compact b/w seesnake

    I've just bought my first camera and like it!but need help. The saphire lens what chemical should i be aware of that could damage the lens? Clobber liquid plumber,bleach, lime, and sometimes the homeowner forgets to tell you if someone put something in the drain, so can damage lens be fixed? or have to be sent off to factory, and so how much. My next question is can a camcorder be plugged in and used to record or do you have to take a vcr out in the field? thank you Donnie J.

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    I just bought a B/W Seesnake myself.
    I'm going to follow the recommendations and
    run plenty of water when I use it.
    This way any chemicals will be washed away.
    I'm not sure I would push it into a stopped up
    blockage. And yes the video out will work on
    any camcorder that has a video In.
    Do a dry run in your living room!!
    Good Luck from NJ


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      SeeSnake is a great camera. It is designed to be rugged to handle the tough jobs that you encounter daily. Liquid plumber, bleach, and lime would be a concern for the lens if your camera lens was glass. SeeSnake uses a Sapphire crystal lens. About the only thing tougher than that would be diamonds.

      As always, you want to work safe and make sure that YOU are not being exposed to any harsh chemicals that the home owner may have put down the drain, however, your SeeSnake can handle the chemicals you would typically encounter in a home owner's drain. Especially in the diluted form that you would find in a home drain.

      I would suggest as a way to ensure long life of your camera that after using it in a drain that you clean your camera by dipping it in clean water or using a mild detergent.

      Thank you for your purchase of a SeeSnake.
      Mark F. Fleming<br />Product Manager<br />RIDGID/Kollmann