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Pretty cool water powered sewer camera ran off a jetter

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  • Pretty cool water powered sewer camera ran off a jetter

    Just skip the first few minutes and they show the camera working in the 12" on up sewers. This thing is really fast compared to a crawler camera. The water powers a little generator built in the camera.
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    Very cool,, how many u going to buy?


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      12" and larger misses all the typical 8" city mains we have in residential neighborhoods.

      the water turns a turbine that recharges the onboard battery pack. Seems like a small power cable can still supply charging capability and cut down on all the bulk and cost of a turbine generator, yet still keep the wireless transmitter and speed. josh, are you listening to me.

      I can see the ease of not having the traditional trailing power/ tractor, camera cable and safety cable, but it seems like without the tractor, they lose the ability to pan and tilt and raise. Can't they just make a faster traveling tractor to accomplish a faster inspection. Tractors can also get down to 6" lines and rise to much larger lines.

      11 years ago sreco came out with a cost effective trailer jetter called the bronco that came with an inspection camera mounted in the front of the stream. almost bought it, but there was a very long lead time to receive it once ordered.

      I have a jetter camera attachment I purchased 2 years ago, but have not used it yet. Probably because the nozzle is a typical 6 rear jet and not a root cutting jet. Might be good for quick inspections, but not good for cleaning my typical sewer lines I run into.

      phoebe it is


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        8" mains here as well. Why not use the seesnake as the camera and make a sled it attaches to which keeps it centered and is attached to a jetter for propulsion? Heck throw some lights on there as well. Those turbine generators might be very small. The power supply on a toto hands faucet is tiny and has a provides power by the running water.
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