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Anyone using a TPZ push camera...???

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  • Anyone using a TPZ push camera...???

    We are seeing more and more Tilt Pan Zoom cameras on offer. Unfortunately none have the Ridgid brand on them which would be a total game changer. Not jumping in right now, too much and very little trust in the name/brand/supplier. However, do any of the Ridgid family of pros use them.

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    Cable I dont know where I ran into them but getting some newsletters regularly promoting TPZ in push-rods. Can also be adapted to go on tractors but that doesnt make much sense. Seems our Asian mates are trying to get cleverer than Ridgid. Not converted yet, too nervous but thought you guys might have seen these well before us.


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      We got a guy using an Envirosight in the roundtable. Very impressive but comes with 25k price tag and doable but tight in 4". The price tag doesn't scare me but the size offset and you're stuck.
      Buy cheap, buy twice.


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        Thanks Gear. Was thinking the same thing. On our wish-list in an idyllic world..................!!!!