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    Autolog is a huge memory saver. I switched over to autolog years ago to save memory on my computers hard drive. I also take a ton of photos. My new laptop has a 512ssd.

    In reality, I've found that the customers prefer photos as they can quickly view them. Videos they tend not to watch even though all of my narrative allows them to understand the entire recording.

    My 165' d2b cable pushes out easily and I've done well over 1000, 1.5"-6" inspections.

    phoebe it is


    • AssTyme
      AssTyme commented
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      Why did you get such a small hard drive in your laptop?

    • gear junkie
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      Rick, have you ever considered uploading your video to youtube and emailing your clients a private link with the HQ report? This way you can access the video on any device that can access your email.

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      an internal 512 ssd is on the large size for a ssd.


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    I?ve done it on many Ridgid monitors The 903 transmitter card you can buy on Amazon or eBay this the same unit used by custom eyes there?s another company to called az locators he?ll install it for you if you don?t wanna install yourself on any monitor I currently have it on my CS6 cs10 he charges $300 or he?ll sell you a box he makes you just plug into your video out and it automatically wi-Fi to your phone or iPad


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      Looks like $4830.00 for the reel and $3528.20 for the monitor. Then I also get a free Scout from spring fling. I sell the Scout and one of my old monitors and basically the monitor is free


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        How does one request a demo?


        • Mr_Fixit
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          Check your PM's. I sent you a Ridge rep's phone#

        • BobsPlumbing
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          Smoke signals.

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        Some side by side pics with my CS-10.


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          Still no image flip
          Still no internal memory
          It's very large in size and heavier than the CS-10
          No place on board to wrap the AC power cord

          Got rid of the annoying green overlay
          Option to turn mic off on startup
          Storage compartment
          More things to change in "settings" such as font size, etc...
          Has WiFi and Bluetooth but they are things that I will never use

          That's all I can think of as of now.


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              Saw it at the show....yeah I'll pass. So fricking big that it would need to sit in the bath tub when doing an inspection in a bathroom. The new ridgid camera line is a thumbs down for me. I think Ridgid will always have a loyal following as long as they continue to provide parts and repair to the older cameras.
              Buy cheap, buy twice.


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                There?s no doubt ridged is boss when it comes to sewer cameras,but man are those monitors expensive. There?s basic monitors out there with an image flip option on those off brand cameras ,but how can u use a regular monitor instead of the proprietary ones? I know a guy out here that runs a full size cam and uses rca cables to any monitor. He?s got one of those headrest monitors in a pistol case with a DVD burner . Then I seen him plug it into a box tv . How the heck can we do that?