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Needing advice on drain cleaning and camering.

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  • Needing advice on drain cleaning and camering.

    I have been fixing and installing sewer lines in my area for about 8 years now and have worked along side many plumbers doing cameraing and cleaning. Always asking questions so I know the do's and don't. Not saying I know everything because I don't. I am thinking about going out on my own and doing strictly cameraing and cleaning. Was needing to know if I needed a plumbers license to do this or not? I am located in the Iowa area.

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    A simple call to your building and safety department should answer your question.

    Out here people do drain cleaning all the time with no license. As long as they don't do any repairs, they are fine. But they still need a business license from each city. And keep it under $500.00 . Total.


    phoebe it is


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      Thanks plumber Rick! I wasn't sure who to call helps allot!