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  • Got a new Camera a Ridgid

    I went to look at a ridgid micro that was listed on E-bay and was going to buy it when I pulled out all the cable it was only 35'. I thought that was a bit short and not too useful. So he showed me a few other cameras and I saw a ridgid mini B&W. I checked it out we plugged it in and it worked. The battery is the old style Makita 14 volt it did not work possible just need to charge? or a new battery. When the monitor was turned on there were these small horizontal lines across the screen? But the picture was clear. We pulled out all the cable it was at least 100" I put the cable back in the carrier did not notice any damage. I was also told for about $900 dollars I could get it converted to color with a new monitor? I called SSR Technical a shop in San Diego that repairs and sells Ridgid cameras. I was told by the seller that the owner of the shop used to work for ridgid. They confirmed I could convert it to color with a new monitor for under $900.-. I am open to some helpful advice I have never owed a sewer camera and am unfamiliar with it. I have needed it for a few jobs and my customers ask if I have a camera so I took the plunge.

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    The lines maybe caused by the Sonde assuming it has one and its on. That looks like a compact not a mini. If it works okay it is a great entry level camera. I would stick with the black and white.

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      Thanks Mark I hope it has a Sonde how do I check?

      Looking at the Operators Manual I printed on line it looks like it does come with a 512 sonde (Flexmitter Transmitter..512Hz)
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        You can buy brand new knock -off batterys on ebay cheap I still have some older stuff and have bought them and they are as good as originals. As for the color thing you mean buy a monitor and a color camera head or are you saying it already has a color head?
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          Great cam man..make some money from it then worry about upgrading to color but I wouldn't worry about it
          ..I still use my black n white everyday


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            Sitting on 2 brand new color self leveling heads. A mini and a full size.

            Plus a new 200' color full size and a brand new 325' black and white still in the box.

            Never pass up a deal.

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              Thanks guys I will try just making some money with it, and not changing anything unless it breaks


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                I'll put it like this. I had a cheap camera gave me nothing but headaches. I was able to make enough from it to buy a old black n white mini...I loved that thing...worked everytime ,no issues what so ever only draw back was that it was a true mini....very small pushrod, very small camera head. But great picture and great contrast... now being a year later,I made enough off of it to buy a used color standard... little by little ,get what you need... Do not get yourself onto debt trying to keep up with the jones's


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                  Finally tried using my camera I put the old battery that was in the charger in the camera and tried to turn it on it would not work. I figured the battery was bad so I pulled it out and plugged in the transformer no picture the monitor would not come on but the camera was lit up? any suggestions? thanks David