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  • B/W to color

    I have an old b/w seesnake can I convert to color by just swapping the camera? Do
    they use the same pushrod? It is an old black pushrod 200' never been retermed

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    You need a color camera and a color monitor if you have a standard see snake with a number 10 camera head you can get a new color head for about 1000.00. If it is a number 1 or 3 you do not get the deal if it is a mini number 2 also no deal.


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      Thanks rod man, just talked to ridge tool they said according to the serial number and color of the reel it was probably made in 1997 and has a #1 camera. The replacement camera #14078 retails around $2500. ser. #011154


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        IF it was from 1997 it is not a number 1 the 1 was larger then the spring the number 3 had 4 rings on the head looking like the spring.IT It is a number 10 it is the same size as the spring and the head is smooth and you can get the deal the first 2 numbers on the head tell you after you take the head off


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          it is bigger than the spring.