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    I have an older spartan mini that I recently took in. Theres a nasty kink about 2' back from the spring..Still works but its hanging on for dear life. Any service centers in chicago ,illinois,or indiana anywhere?I dont think allan j Coleman services spartan cameras...I dont want to send it out to spartan ,they take forever theres a guy that fixes em but I'd have to pay a gwap for shipping...trying to find something local
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    And then there was a Place called AJ Coleman in Chicago.

    Even my Ridgid Rep in Minneapolis says to go there.


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      I dont think a j services spartan anymore

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      Won't hurt to ask. Perhaps they will know who will fix it.

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    Who does reterm in SoCal? I need to get my Color SL repaired. Update: I dropped my camera off at EPL for repair. Turns out the slip rings were bad. My only gripe is that I asked them how long it would be down and they indicated a day or two. Unfortunately they didn't have the parts in stock so it's estimated to be more like a week. They did offer to provide me a "loaner" but it was out on loan to someone else.
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      I'll never use Spartan service for anything again. Several years ago when I was working for another company we bought a Spartan cam (similar to the one pictured above but I think it had DVD recorder). Apparently they sold us one of the last units before they switched platforms and when it needed repair a year later they wouldn't even take it in for service. They flat out told us they don't work on those anymore and advised us to buy a new one! We ended up getting if fixed locally and continued to use it but WTF!

      I still use their drum machines but NEVER buy anything from them or have them service anything.