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  • Seesnake star and ball guides

    I am new to running a seesnake, but have been a home inspector for 20 years. I have started doing sewer scopes as an add on for my customers. I purchased a new mini ss. I have been running with no guide. Should I get a ball guide and or star guide ? If so, what is best.
    I know its good to lift the camera in larger pipes for visibility. I have had no visibilty issues yet. I have only pushed it out to 100? so far. Pushed easy. I am sure that I will run into longer lines soon. Will a guide help push further when needed.
    The guideds seem to be sold in a six packs for $100. Really ? Shouldnt I only need one ? I guess you could get some wear after lots of use.

    thank for the info.

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    Your new mini should have included a starter pack.

    Guides will get you over offset joints and give you better views by getting above the water and sludge.

    phoebe it is