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CS12X monitor cracked

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  • CS12X monitor cracked

    Has anyone had their screen get damaged yet? We had an incident(according to the apprentice) where the camera cable un-spooled after he inserted it into the reel. This somehow, even thou they weren't facing each other in a way for them to hit unless he moved them in a way for it to happen, hit the screen with such force it cracked about a good 40 percent of the screen. Has anyone accidentally hit this screen before and what was your outcome? Anyone know about what it would cost to have this led replaced?

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    Hi LAcityPLG,

    Sorry to hear about your cracked screen. I found the replacement part for our 12.1" LCD monitor and it is CAT#44453. List price is $716.
    Here is a link to our service centers as well if you need to search your area.

    Thanks for being a loyal RIDGID customer.


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      Thanks Jeff for providing that answer and the part information. I know you can't be here every day but it's nice when you guys jump in and provide that level of help to forum members.
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        Yes, thanks for the $700 suggestion to repair the unit I already paid $5K for...LOL

        OUCH!!! Am I the only one who thinks that is CRAZY!? Prices for these control module/monitors is just out of hand. I love the Ridgid tools but "Come On Man"

        I would suggest finding someone local who works on TV/Computers and have them do the repair. I guarantee you could get that fixed for a fraction of that price.

        I have a buddy who has an independent shop where he sells/services electronics locally. He services touch screen games at bars and installs LED screens in cars and such. Anyway he fixes all my electronics for very reasonable rates. I'd be willing to bet you could get a comparable screen for $100 and then just pay labor for the install (another $100 maybe??)
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          This fits cs 10. don't knpow if cs 12 is different
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