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Help! DIM camera lighting

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  • Help! DIM camera lighting

    Hi all..

    im new to posting. Looking for some advice..please !!

    what?s the best way to clean the camera head - LEDs are Dim due to camera head being dirty. Regular soap and water and a scrub daddy ain?t cutting it. Is there a way to polish the hard plastic cover ? Without messing it up.

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    Maybe I should be more specific - that hard plastic that is directly in front of the LEDs gets beat upend scuffed and dirt and gook gets stuck in those scuffs. Even if you clean out the gook and dirt, it?s no longer smooth and polishable and impedes the illumination.
    I?ve had about 8 or so new camera heads over the last 23 years - spread out across all 3 of my units. And WOW it so nice when I get a new camera head...however - it doesn?t seem to last more than a year or so - and it gradually gets darker due to that plastic getting scuffed.

    Ive even tried to use a Dremel polisher, but that was a mistake, as it melted the plastic -

    Just wondering if anyone has a solution???


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      Been there done that. New or rebuilt head is the call.

      Of course in black and, it absorbs the light. In PVC or clay it reflects the light.


      phoebe it is


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        Maybe a NASCAR style windshield tear off for your camera lens.
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          try very find grit wetsand/polish; headlight refurbishing stuff.
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            Being diligent with your camera head as you use it, cleaning it religiously can help prolong the light effectiveness. But i'm with Rick, once the light covers get too battered, its deal with poor light quality or replace the head.


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              very fine steel wool and about twenty minutes, 90% like new.