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HQxLive app adding captions to photos

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  • HQxLive app adding captions to photos

    Just purchased some new Equiptment. Picked up a new seesnake mini reel and paired it with the CS65X monitor to take advantage of the spring fling and get the free locator. I downloaded the app to link my phone and tablet as well. Now today I ran the camera and captured some pictures on my phone through the app. When I got done I tried to add captions to the individual photos and the app just puts the captions on what ever photo it wants and not the one I am trying to add it to. Has anyone else had this problem? If so is it just something I am doing wrong or just have to live with until rigid updates the app? I also picked up a K9-204 gonna try both tomorrow on a job and hope to get the full effect.

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    Hi Silver,

    This is a known bug in the iOS version of HQx Live and the developers are working on and testing a fix. Your app should update automatically and I can let you know when the fix comes out.

    Thank you


    SeeSnake Support
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    • Bob D.
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      I don't have a SeeSnake camera, I just wanted to say thanks for monitoring the forum and responding with helpful information for those who do.

      I wish we saw more of that on here for other product lines, specifically for the cordless power tools. I know there is an established support path but sometimes (or in parallel to contacting CS) answers to questions and problems can help more than one at a time when posted to the forum.

    • SilverBack4Jack
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      Awesome news. I appreciate the response and the information.