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ridgid Versa cs6x - still restarts by itself

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  • ridgid Versa cs6x - still restarts by itself

    I bought new Compact M40 + cs6x versa monitor. Equipment is great.
    next day after i buy it, monitor started to make restarts of system after 10s to 3 min of working.
    I understand. I have bad luck and I bought broken equipment.
    I was restarting with disconnected drum, also.
    Power supply: Battery or AC– the same symptom.
    So only solution: monitor is broken. Cable, drum and camera is ok.

    I waited almost one month for replacement of monitor.
    Few days ago, I get new one. And what ? The same.
    Have been working few days with no problems.
    Today my workers told me, that restarts by itelf during recording (footage lost of course).

    So, please tell me:
    Do I have really big bad luck? Or is it normal error on cs6x Versa monitor?
    Does anybody else have that problem with versa monitor ?

    If somebody is using that for some time, and have no problem like that – please give me information, because I am thinking about return.

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    Is anybody had situation with CS6X like restart or hang up of system ?