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  • Using the SR 20

    I have just purchased the SR 20 with hopes of using it to locate any buried electric lines and radio sondes. The first thing I did was to use it in passive mode to locate an underground A.C. line going to a an outside light in my front yard. It was set to 60 hz x 9 and then 60 hz x 1. The light was switched on to make sure there was current moving. I know the line is only a few feet deep. It did not find anything where I know the line is.
    I tried it again to locate a 200 amp A.C. line that is about 4 ft deep and I know it's exact location. Nothing was picked up by the SR 20.
    Am I expecting it to do something it's not designed for? Am I doing something wrong?
    I appreciate any help with this.
    Thank you,

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    Do you have the transmitter? It makes it a more accurate locate if you do but if not and just want the sr20 to work on it's own is there any reason you did not try 60x3 and 60x5? Also did you actually try the omniseek mode even though it will not give a depth. Long story short is the SR-20 will locate 60hz you just need to figure out what is best for you and your area. Instead of using the power setting set up 60hz as a menu choice and use that instead, always get the line fl0owing as much as possible turn it all on and also some aluminum types of wire that where used to not work very well period.
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      Hi Cuda,

      Thank you for your response and insight.
      I tried all those frequencies. It does show some sketchy lines on some of them.
      I had two 500 watt heat lamps going on an extension cord and put the SR 20 an inch above the cord and it still doesn't show a line. I would think it would draw a line on the display with a 1,000 watt load on a 15' ext cord.
      My next trial is going to be on a radio sonde in a septic pipe. I have a camera with a sonde.
      Regarding transmitters, can you suggest one for the SR 20?


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        I'm using the SR-20 and am looking to purchase a transmitter for active line locating. Can anyone recommend a transmitter model that would work well with the SR 20? What frequencies would work best?
        Thank you...Tom


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          Look on ebay for a vivax 10 watt usually $400-$500 does every freq you need as the seektechs are programmable anyway. Then you will use 8khz 32khz, 200khz every now and then.
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