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peaks from the sonde? 325' Standard

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  • peaks from the sonde? 325' Standard

    I just upgraded my Seesnake, locating yesterday for the first time using a scout locator the peaks were in front and behind the sonde. with the old black and white Seesnake and gen-eye locator I always used l-r but never used the peaks to locate. I thought the peaks from the transmitter were supposed to come out at 90 degrees not in line. which is correct as I learn new tech fighting and screaming the whole way? Shout out to J.R. at Alan J Coleman who hooked me up.

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    Forget about peaks and nulls because the ridgid locators use omni directional antennas , so that you can approach from any angle to the sonde. At first using it look for signal strength in the upper left hand corner. Obtain the highest reading in several directions once you think you are above the sonde. Best to try this at the beginning of a pipe run and then push it out farther and farther until you are used to how the scout reacts. As the depth gets lower the signal number drops so you need to get used to what the numbers should be. Once you know what a 4 foot vs. a 8 foot number should be you are on your way. Youtube has lots of good vids to watch you can view the seektech ones also just remember with the scout you have to turn it at the end and the other models do not.
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