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Ridgid Seesnake Max RM200 DIY cable replacement

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  • Ridgid Seesnake Max RM200 DIY cable replacement

    well i tried searching the forums before i posted but i couldnt find any existing topics. I recently bought a used Ridgid Seesnake Max Rm200 with the C65 Monitor. Was working great until one of my employees kinked the pushrod so i began looking at my options. The cable had only 110ft when i bought it and my guy kinked it about 30 feet out, so I don't believe having the kink cut off and reterminated and being left with a 70ft cable is even worth it. So, I have began looking at just ordering a new replacement 200ft pushrod with camera head. Is this something i could order and have it sent for me to do the replacement myself? Id rather replace it myself because the nearest Ridgid service center is in Ohio and I'm in Georgia, and the last time i sent them my Ridgid Seesnake Microreel, it took them almost 2 months to receive it, repair it, and send it back.

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    You can buy a new pushrod but the camera head is another item over 2000 dollars if the head is bad you can get a repaired head for ab9ut 1/2 the price with your old head. The pushrod is available without the wet end for less money and your wet end can be used on it. It is best to send it to a see snake repair center. the Allan j coleman co. has the pushrod in stock. If you have the camera head and did not loose it would be cheaper to have the pushrod replaced with a new one using your camera head transmitter and wet end.


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      I've had good luck with AJ Coleman. We have a Ridgid center here in Minneapolis that really sucks. Even my local Rep tells me to send it
      to AJ Colman. I've shipped tools on Monday and had them back by Friday.