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Cs10 not initializing or recording

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  • Cs10 not initializing or recording

    I just bought a cs10 monitor off eBay. When I turn it on it doesn't do the usual blue bar loading screen that I've seen them do. It just starts right up to the image like my lcdpak. Also, the control panel that controls the recording functions is completely inoperable. None of those lights or buttons do anything.
    Are there any tricks to reset it or is it likely fried?

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    The only problem I had with mine was the thumb drive got fried ( was not able to record ) I sent it out and only got charged for labor ( which was not cheap ) for the fix . Others have had keyboard issues ..

    Might be worth the Diagnoses fee for a RIDGID shop to find the problem since there where over 5K monitor new when they came out .