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  • accuracy

    Our work often relies on the accuracy of utility locates. More than one high pressure gas main or high voltage power line have been breached on jobs due to inaccurate utility location marks.

    In Illinois the location companies are allowed to miss by 18 inches to either side of the utility before the contractor is held liable for damages. It is not uncommon for these location companies to miss by as much as 8 or 10 feet. More on very deep lines and sometimes fail to locate one at all.

    Except for "witching" watermains (it does work)I do not locate utility mains. However if the Ridgid SeekTeck is a reliable and accurate piece of equipment it might behoove a few contractors to keep one on hand when the quality of the locates are in question. Plus in a few years when I have had enough of the pipe trades, doing locations sounds like an easy augmentation to my pension and 401k.

    Does anyone here have experience with this equipment.
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    I have the NaviTrack and I believe Rick has a NaviTrack Scout. I believe they are both in the same family as the SeekTech. I have been very impressed with the NaviTrack's ease of use and accuracy.

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      plumber, mark is correct. i own a scout along with sevral other locators. some simple, some complex.
      1 thing to keep in mind. a sewer is typically very easy to locate and give an exact location with depth. the transmitters i use are pushed into the line and only send a signal out at the point they are at. i only energize the spots that i am looking for. this elimnates all false readings and crossed signals. typically accuracy of inches in depth and c/l. is achived.
      when you energize a metalic water or gas line, you always stand the chance of crossed signals. there are ways to control the signal and to check for accuracy and depth.
      most utilities use a combination of maps and then locate from these given points.



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        I have been using this piece of equiptment and find it reliable. Remember the utility locate is only as good as the person doing the locate. If your locates are more than a few inches off, find another person to do them.
        Kelly Walburger