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Navitrack II or Scout?

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  • Navitrack II or Scout?

    I was wondering if the Navitrack II or Scout was better for ease of use and work better than the other. Also if it is worth buying with a seesnake system? I am getting ready to start a new business and need a little help with drain equiptment.

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    jay, the navitrack 2 is a little of an overkill. if you don't have a camera yet, i would suggest a demo from a ridgid rep. they can show you the differences and suggest what system is best for you. the scout is half the size and the navitrack 2 does fold in half. the scout is about $1000. less too.

    i just purchased a new color mini that is much better than black and white. there is much better lighting too.

    i own a scout along with 6 other locators and the scout does what i need it to. it is pretty easy to use too. keep in mine that i started with the older locators, that you needed to triangelate to locate and get depth.

    anything is faster and simplier

    phoebe it is


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      Thanks for the advice, Rick. I will definatly have a ridgid rep give a demo.


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        In case you were looking for a way to request demos of our tools here is the link. Our salesmen will be able to show you the locator you need as well as show you how to use it.