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Monitor not working

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  • Monitor not working

    I've got a Seesnake color monitor/camera and am cannot get the picture working. The lights for the camera are "on", as well as the monitor display buttons (both) are working. I was hoping to hear back from anybody who has experienced this and was able to fix the problem themselves, without shipping it out.

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    try playing a prerecorded video tape to see if you get a picture. it could be the monitor or the interconnect cord? possibly the camera or transmitter bad you need to narrow down the options. also if you have another camera or a friends camera, it will be much easier to trouble shoot.

    i now it's a drag. been there done that. especially when you know the problem and nobody has the part. 6 week back order

    phoebe it is


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      Got it working again

      Thanks for the suggestion Rick. Just a few days ago, I learned that one of my plumber's has repaired monitors for years. He replaced the 1st diode on the board and that took care of it.