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Does anyone repair a KD4510?

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  • Does anyone repair a KD4510?

    I bought a KD4510 and foudn that the batteries had corroded anf ruined the small metal plate at the bottom of the batteries. Where does one have this item repaired? Or can it be repaired? This item cost me a bunch of cash and I hate to lose it especially since I have yet to use it the first time!

    Thanks for your help.

    Ruth Pruitt

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    it,s an easy enough fix for a good electronics shop, tv repair shop. also contact the battery maker and they should be able to advise you if they cover damages.

    i had the same thing happen with a gps unit and the maker of the unit stood behind it. they supplied the original batteries.

    also contact ridgid customer service if all else fails.

    phoebe it is


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      I'd help you out but you never acknowledge the last time I help you so you’re on your own.

      Not really. I'm assuming you bought this used since you were looking for a manual the last time you were on the board. If you paid a lot for that locator you paid too much as it is out-dated by a bunch compared to the current locators. Still if you want to spend good money after bad any Ridgid Service Center should be able to help you. If you don't have one in your area you will have to ship it to them.

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        We can help you out.

        If you want to repair this we can certainly help you. Call 800-242-4424 and one of our service experts can speak with you and determine what to do.
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