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  • Leak Detection Equipment

    What web site can I find leak detection equip at, and what is some good equip. to buy? Thank you, MARCO

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    marco, i can tell you what not to buy. goldak out of glendale, calif. the company i bought mine from 15 years ago was a crook. said they would come out to a real job and demo it. of course they never did. after not having any luck with the microphone, they said i needed a higher priced mic. they are the ones that sold me the whole package. a pipe locator, gas sniffer and leak locator. they are all on the shelf at this point.

    look into a general. they have a digital unit. there are others too. just can't think of them right now.

    phoebe it is


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      How is life out of the military? I was at Fort Campbell last week visiting with my son who came home from Iraq for a two week leave.

      I started out with Goldak equipment 30+ years ago. I did not have the same problems Rick had and they generally took care of me. The more expensive mic Rick talked about was the Shure mic but Shure has since gone out of business. Goldak is fine equipment but has changed little in 30-years. I use the Metortech equipment now and I am very happy with it. I am sure the General equipment is fine as well.

      Now that you have been doing plumbing on your own for a few months I would like to hear how you are doing.

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