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  • Another Navitrak Question

    I just bought a Navitrak transmitter. Practicing in the yard with it, much to my dismay, I found out that I have the older version of the Navitrak locator. So I do not have the "built in" frequencies that line up with the Transmitter. Does anyone know if there is a factory upgrade available for the locator or do I have to purchase a brand new locator too (to get those frequencies)


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    Don't take it as gospel but I believe the old navitrack should work fine with the frequencies on both our transmitters.

    I will have our product manager reply to this thread when he gets a chance.



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      Old NaviTrack transmitter will work with New NaviTrack and vice versa. the only thing you loose is the lower frequency. We did this because there was too much confusion between 512 Hz line trace and 512 Hz Sonde locate. Low frequencies are good for low resistive, well insulated, long runs. I would expect that under most situations, you will be using 8kHz and 33kHz which are found on both transmitters. For those tough, highly resistive circuits, you may need to kick it up to 200 kHz.
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        Re: Another Navitrak Question

        Hello, I have the Navitrack 11 along with the red Brick. I'm having issues with the depth readings. I located on a fish tape in a sewer line that I new was 3ft. deep easily and it showed in the one ft. depth range, and last week it showed a 2 ft. deep sewer line to be 4ft. We dug it up and placed the Navitrack on the 4" sewer line with the cable laying on the bottom and it showed 1.7ft. deep. Do these get out of calibration? Sorry if I posted in wrong location.


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          Re: Another Navitrak Question

          Since you used a fish tape the signal could have bleed out not giving you and accurate reading. Or yes it could be needing service, use a sonde to double check it.
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