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  • Navitrack

    What are the differences between the Navitrack and the Navitrack II?

    "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

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    The long answer: NaviTrack was the original "multi-directional" locator. As hardware has improved, we upgraded the computer chips in NaviTrack. This allowed us to use a crisper display. We also changed the frequencies slightly and did away with features that were not used. Too many people were locating a 512 Hz sondes in line trace mode which caused a lot of confusion.

    The short answer: It basically operates the same. It has a crisp display and we made it collapsible so that it will fit in a more compact carrying case.
    Mark F. Fleming<br />Product Manager<br />RIDGID/Kollmann


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      My display and locating have never been an issue but size does matter. I like the fact that the new one collapses as my current one is a knuckle buster to put in the side bin of my truck.

      "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

      I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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        Navitrac Training?

        I know the Navitrack is supposed to be idiot proof, but guess not Huh? lol

        Is there any instructional Info on how to do carmer sonde locating,
        and pipe locating? I am using a Radio Detection transmitter both it
        and the Navitrac bought before rigid came out with their transmitter.
        using 512 with sonde and 33 pipe locating

        i have been having difficulty, after so far out the indicator lines starts
        jumping all over the place crazily,

        Guess it could be a battery strength issue With the transmitter?

        I would love to attend or send a tech to attend any training classes so we can become confident in its use.

        The video that came with it was not not helpful and the quick sheet as well not a lot of help in the line of what i am experincing. how would I know If It had some defect which i kept thinking was me?
        Am I the only one having difficulty with this?
        T Vinyard<br />Diamond Bar CA