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  • SeeSnake 2 Laptop Help

    I want to connect me SeeSnake to my laptop.

    I am using s SeeSnake Monitor + VCR.

    I just need to know what leads / hardware I need to purchase to connect my Monitor to my Laptop computer's USB input.

    Many Thanks


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    In order to capture video to your laptop you are going to need a video capture card for your computer. Something similar to this would work I really don't know much about what brand of capture cards are good but this is the type of thing you would use. 73046228697594731&oid=5261565243403436400&btnG=Sea rch+Froogle&scoring=mrd&hl=en

    Beyond that you would just need to hook up the video out port on your monitor to the appropriate input on the capture card. You will also need some kind of capture software which will likely come with the card you buy.

    Hope that helps,



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      There are also USB connections that can be used. These are fairly inexpensive ranging from $50 to $100+. Two examples can be found at

      Just copy and paste these into your Address bar on your browser window

      Or Google "USBLive" for more examples.

      These do not require any additional hardware, but may require you to download drivers for your computer.
      Mark F. Fleming<br />Product Manager<br />RIDGID/Kollmann


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        ok i am now using a

        which is working ok .... but only black and white so far ...............