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  • SeeSnake acting up

    I bought my SeeSnake about 2 years ago and it has worked flawlessly up until about a month or two ago. When running a line the camera looses connection just going around 45s. The image is fine until I hit a turn, then the screen goes black and says no camera. Once the camera gets around the turn the image comes back just fine. I have removed the camera head and checked everything but see no problems. When messing with the camera trying to figure the problem out, it blacks out whenever the tail end of the spring is tweaked so I figure maybe a loose connection? I was also curious about the thin steel cables that run the length of the spring body. Do these cables operate a switch that shuts the camera off when it is severley turned or are they just there to help keep it straight?

    Can anyone offer any advice to fix this so I don't have to loose a day and spend $100 on fuel taking it in for repairs plus whatever work needs done?

    edit: It is a 200' SeeSnake color mini with the toolbox monitor.

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    i had the same issue and it turned out to be the transmitter. one of the electrical wires is on the verge of breaking. that's why it works when straight but breaks when turned into a 45.

    before the seesnake came factory installed with the transmitter, there was a small jumper wire that was used to connect the camera to the pushrod. if you can find one of these jumper wires, you can remove the transmitter and test the camera again.

    the 2 stranded wires are to keep the camera and spring from over extending while pushing/ pulling the camera. this is also a source of wear on the electrical insulation if it's twisted around the wiring.


    good luck. i needed to wait 6 weeks to get a new transmitter as ridgid and the repair center had them on backorder.
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      I am brining this to the attention of our product manager. I do believe its a problem with the transmitter. I will have him post something on this thread.



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        All clear,
        From the symptons you descrided I would say that either the transmitter has a broken wire in it or possibly the coil cord that comes from the push rod and meets up to the transmitter has the bad wire. There is also a chance that the push rod itself could be the culprit but the chances are higher that it is one of the first two. One thing you can try is to remove your head and transmitter from the unit and then plug the transmitter and camera head directly into your monitor, then twist and turn the assy that you created and see if you lose the picture. If you do that then it is the transmitter. If not its deeper in. At that point it would be best to get this to a See Snake repair center so that they can diagnose the problem exactly and get it repaired for you. If you could leave me an address here or call me at 1-800-519-3456 I will help lead you to a repair center. Hope this is of some help for you.

        Rick....that was some great advice. I see you do that alot on this forum. Its nice to see that.



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          sorry for the delayed response. thanks for all the info. i went ahead and took it apart to locate the problem spot and it is indeed right at the point were the push rod connects to the transmitter. i can push the coil towards the push rod and get a picture, but when i tweak it a little it loses signal. my question now is, am i able to remove the whole thing from the push rod or not? i unscrewed the little compression nut and can see three little wires running into the push rod which i am sure is the culprit but i am not sure how that chrome peice removes from the push rod. i haven't and won't attempt anything until i hear from you guys, but if i have to lose a day and pay the guy $300 to reterminate the end, i guess i will have to. thanks again for the help
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            well, a new whip and all is good to go. total damage was $213 for camera repair, 3 quarters of a tank of fuel, and $20 lunch at Famous Daves. the good news is, i didn't have to lose any calls, they all were willing to postpone till i could get there. thanks for the help guys!