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Grounding a SeekTech ST-510 Line Transmitter

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  • Grounding a SeekTech ST-510 Line Transmitter

    I have started using a SeekTechST-510. On Page 8 of the Manual, under Direct Connect, I am unsure of the meaning. Can both the transmitter's leads be connected directly to the target if locating, for example, a water pipe on the 16th floor of a building. If not, what might be a suitable 'ground?'

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    To trace a line, you are trying to create a good circuit on that line. To create a good circuit using the direct connect method, you must be able to put energy on the line and have it return to the transmitter. This can be achieved by directly connecting one of the leads to the line you want to trace and connecting the other to the far end of that line. In this case, it would consist of running some jumper wire to the end of the line and connecting one of the transmitter leads to the wire and connecting the other to the near end of the line you want to trace.

    Another option would be to connect to something grounded within the building. I suspect that your water is grounded at some point within the building. Connecting to something else grounded will also complete the circuit. A major draw back of this method is that you will also energize any other grounded lines in the area which may result in locating the wrong line, or increasing the amount of signal distortion on your target line.
    Mark F. Fleming<br />Product Manager<br />RIDGID/Kollmann


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      that's the way i've always attempted to do it in a building. connecting to a ground will energize all sorts of other things, such as conduit, telephone, gas.

      by energizing just the water pipe you wantto trace will minimize most cross locating.

      glad mark is the factory pro. i feel better that it comes from the big dog

      phoebe it is