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  • Some questions for the pros.

    I'm a plumber that lives in the Moutains of Arizona. I have a few questions about some of RIDGIDs locating equipment and I was hoping that you guys can ansewer them for me before I make the big purchase.

    If I'm am cleaning a sewer with my drain machine and I hook a 10 watt transmitter to my drain cable will I be able to locate the path of the sewer line rather then using a sonde?

    And also...If I need to locate the path of a plastic water line burried underground can I put a metal fish tape inside of the line, puch it as far as i can and find where it goes with a locator?

    thanks for the help

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    I would think that would work, but I never tried it. I always used the sonde on the end of my cable to locate.


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      Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in line locating. However, both of these methods should work with some degree of success. To locate a line, you need to make sure that you have completed a good circuit. The energy you put on the line needs to make it back to the transmitter.

      In the case of the drain cable, you will have the best results in a wet pipe where the machine is isolated from the ground (not plugged in and no exposed metal parts from the machine resting on the ground), or you are hooked directly to the cable and the cable is not hooked to the machine.

      Higher frequency will usually work better than low frequency. The better your ground rod (more surface area in contact with the earth), the better your circuit will be.

      As for the fish tape, it has been done by others before, but again, moisture in the line will tend to give you better success. You need something to help the energy get back to your ground rod and your transmitter.
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        I would use a copper line or wire if you can get that in. If you dont get a signal at 1st try to add some salt waster to your ground. This will help you some. I use to keep saltwater in a gallon jug in my locate truck. I Located in Florida for about 8yrs. The ground here can be a pain in the A$$. Also try to get your ground *** deep as you can. I would start on the lowes setting. It will help with bleed off. I normaly use 8 or 33. If you need any more help just ask.


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          Originally posted by freddy View Post
          I always used the sonde on the end of my cable to locate.
          same here.

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