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Close DVD Session on regular computer?

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  • Close DVD Session on regular computer?

    We just purchased the DVD+Monitor solution for the See Snake and we're currently using the monitor to close the disc session so it's compatible with other players.

    Is there a way for me to use Nero or some other regular burner software outside of the See Snake so I can make the disc compatible again in case our plumber forgets to close the session before he brings the disc in??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    A computer will not care if the session is closed. Only a DVD player (home movie type) will have problems and even then many do not, however a home player will only play what is in the first session. You will be able to use Nero to make working copies even if the session is not closed on the seesnake


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      I just ordered one of these from E Bay. A sony VRDMC1

      A camcorder with inputs is rare and pricey, this is about $250

      Update: The burner won't record from the seesnake directly, However if I run the camera throgh a VCR, then to the burner, it will record to disc. What a pain in the azz it has been.
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