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K7500 vs K750

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  • K7500 vs K750

    I'v been cleaning sewers for about 14 years and have 2
    K750's. The bearings are worn out again, I need new cable again, and my foot switch has a hole in it. I was wondering if its worth upgrading to a 7500. What is the major difference between the two besides the enclosed drum and stair track? And does that enclosed drum help to stop cable bind? I notice the auto feed looks a lot more complex than the 750. Also what does everybody use to clean up their drums to get them to look new again if there is such a thing?


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    troy, the 7500 is a more commercial machine. it also holds 25' of extra cable. the auto feed is much better and the stair climbers are the difference between a chipped brick step and not.the motor is also a high speed gear reduced universal motor with replaceable brushes.

    all in all the 7500 is the machine that makes you money, not cost you money. ps the foot pedal bulb is the same for all the machines.

    phoebe it is


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      Thanks for the reply Rick. I think I'm going to order one, but before I do I'm trying to find the CAT number for the foot bulb switches. Can't seem to locate it. Anyone happen to have it?



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        first of all Welcome to the forum! the part number you are looking for is 44072 (footswitch for k750).

        Out of curiousity how did the switch get a hole in it? Was it wear and tear from long term usage?



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          Hi Josh and thank you for the part number. I think it cleaned about a 1000 sewers and just got a hole from sitting on basement floors. So I cut one off a k750 that has been retired, but I'm going to order a couple foot pedals now and get that old one going again too.



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            The 7500 is the #1 commercial machine but it too has it`s problems. I just put a new foot switch on mine as it seem to have cracked for some reason. I buy about 200` feet of cable a year and replace the bearings in the feed all the time. With that said, I wouldnt go to work if my 7500 was broken as my other commercial machines suck after using the 7500.
            Hands down the 7500 in the best one out there right now!

            BTW.... I paid something like $40.00 for the new foot switch. Seem`s kinda hight but I had to have it.
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              guys, are we talking about the black rubber foot bulb..

              these things are approx. $5.00 and they are the same throughout the line up. even the ones made by general will swap. now if you're talking about the actual electrical switch, that's a different story.

              by the way, in 31 years of plumbing and drain cleaning, i've only worn out 2 bulb style foot switches. the rubber will rot next to the barbed nipple.

              as far as feed bearings go, i change mine out every 2 years.i also help feed the cable back into the drum while cleaning and oiling the cable. there are a few other tricks, but ridgid might be listening (steve) and i need to keep a few things up my sleeve.

              believe it or not, ridgid is making improvements to their machines.

              i'm also the only one that uses my equipment. therefore i get more miles on my cables and bearings. never broke a seesnake cable either

              phoebe it is


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                Yes I think thats is my problem. My first 750 was fine until I lent it out, then it all fell to **** really fast. My second one was doing fine, and I thought I trained a guy pretty good on how to use it, but now its starting to need a pile of new parts so thats why I was looking into a 7500.
                Yes I was talking about the rubber bulb on the foot switch. I put it in some water today and what happened was the tube part where it enters the bulb part has cracked or something so when you step on it, it stays flat. But I ordered a couple more anyway. I'm still shopping for the best price on a 7500. Some guys around here will end up being way out to lunch on one machine and really low on another. So far the best quote I got was only $700 more than my 750.


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                  My foot stwich cracked at the base of the bulb after one year of uses for no reason that i can think of. I am the only one that uses my machine. I oil the cable and feed all the time like today it kept iceing up as it`s only about 12 out side. BTW... W-D 40 works real good in the cold to keep the ice off the feed.

                  Here`s a pic of the foot bulb where it cracked:

                  As you can see the rubber is still looking like it`s in good shape but it cracked for some reason. I`m sure I paid somewhere around $40.00 for the new one??? I`ll have to look. I still wouldnt drag any of my other machines out after using the 7500. They are parked and in the back room
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