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Retrieving Broken 5/8 cable

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  • Retrieving Broken 5/8 cable

    Any suggestions appreciated. I have a broken cable in a laund standpipe drain being cleaned from roof. I believe it broke above elbow in floor. I'm going to try to retrieve it with a saw tooth head that i modified by spreading the leading end to guide the cable toward the center of the head, which I pinched tighter to grab the cable.

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    Re: Retrieving Broken 5/8 cable

    i assume the 5/8'' cable is from a k-50 machine?

    not sure if a saw tooth cutter would make a good retriever i would use a real retriever. also if you have a heavier k-60 7/8'' cable with an open wind retriever. i used this combination to hook and get back a 3/4'' k7500 cable.

    the vent line is 1.5'' or 2''? you want to make sure you hook the very end of the broken cable or you'll have 2 cables stuck

    a camera will help locate the spot and distance in.

    phoebe it is