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  • Additional Line for K-380

    Help! I am new to this forum, and have spent the last 2 hours enjoying the various postings, trying to see if any asked the question which I am now posting:

    Senario: We purchased a K-380 from Home Depot about a year ago. I guess it works okay, but we bought it specifically because of a problem that persists in the basement laundry room of 4plex unit we manage. It seems to us, every time the city "upgrades" the street outside our building, without fail, the basement floods with backed-up sewage! It last happened about a year or so ago, and now it has happened again! The city, of course, showed us how the main sewer line was running free, which, or course, meant they were not liable. The county, bless their hearts, were eager to show us the same, but with a little more caring and concern. Bottom line, we have sewage in the basement. Unhappy calls from tenants left us with little options but to try and clean out drain. The prior time, we paid well over $200 to have the line snaked; we wised up, then bought our own system.

    Weeeelllll, the line is too short! We are not able to snake all the way out to the city's main line, thus unable to reach any blockage. And blockage we do have, especially when it rains. The basement literally floods! I'm talking about 10-12" of standing water! Not all sewage, but when we pump out the top water, it is sewage in the last 2-3" of it! My son-in-law theorized, correctly I assume, that since the back gutter downspouts connect to clay pipes that lead under the building, presumably to connect to the sewer line, that is why we have so much clear water in the beginning. However, we know it is blockage (or something), because we cannot clear the sewer line at all. Once the rain dies down, it seems to seep, ever so slowly, down.

    Bottom line, I am about to pull my hair out!! After spending this past weekend snaking the line with about 100' of line, and trying to blow it out with a pressurized system, we STILL have blockage!!!!

    HELP!!!! First of all, we want to know if getting an additional 100' of line from Ridge for the K380 will help -- specifically, can it attach to the existing line? Want to know that pretty quick before I shell out the $165 plus s/h to get it in. Second, whatelse do you think could be causing the backup?? Need some old pros to help direct me in the right direction!! Much thanks!