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Additional Line for K-380

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    Re: Additional Line for K-380

    Just wanted to post my final thread on this previous posting, as a courteous way to thank you guys for all of your help.

    Friday 3/30, the drain specialist showed up with his boss, who had 20+ yrs in the biz. First analysis: needed a longer hose (didn't you say that??). Added line to the jetter and was then able to REALLY go all the way to the city's main sewer. Apparently the sewer that had standing water was not a sewer line at all, but an overflow (?) line for water. After jetting and re-running the camera, the drain was running free. Final diagnosis: a dropped sewer line on my property, right at the curb where the city was planting the new trees .

    RE: the cleanouts, the boss had brought the city's sewer maps, and there was never an additional cleanout installed. He recommended, obviously, that we add one at the time we repaired the dropped line.

    Bottom line: sewer is running free and clear, today. They recommended annual clean-outs until we install the new line.

    Thank you, professionals, for your free help. It sure aided greatly in my conversation with local professionals to ensure I not only received the best service, but that I also was talked to like I was intelligent about the issue (which I became due soley to your free mentoring). Much gratitude!