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  • power-spin

    how do you unlock the trigger to proceed to feed line

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    Re: power-spin

    I am not exactly sure what a power spin is,

    but if it is like the current Ridged the k 25-26units there is a chuck similar to a drill on the nose of the unit, and it should be able to be loosened by hand and tighten by hand,

    some units use a thumb screw, instead of a chuck,

    loosen the chuck and pull out about 8" to 16" of cable tighten it back up so it grips the cable, (if this is hand powered or if it is one that uses a drill variable speed drill), turn and push the unit into the drain pipe, and when you have done that loosen it and pull out some more cable and snug it and go some more,
    (run it so the cable would tighten up not loosen up, or unwind)
    if it is like the one in the picture, (it looks like it has a type of power feed on it, or (I am guessing) when you pull the trigger type lever on the front it looks as if it is to make the little bearings on the front of it feed the cable out and or back in, ( I am not finding any literature on it).

    If your not feeding cable try to pull some cable out by hand and see it it tight or tangled in the drum, some times that will happen and it may need some help.

    I am guessing you will have to keep the trigger type lever in the front pulled to keep the cable from being pushed back in the drum or to get it to go down the drain,

    you may have to pull it out by hand and even feed it back in by hand, there are times you have to do that on the big commercial units as well, even if they have power feeds,

    I am sorry that I don't know exactly how to answer the question, as I am not familiar with the exact product.
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