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Possible septic problems?

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  • Possible septic problems?

    We have lived in our home for 33 years and this has just become an issue.
    We live in the country and are on a septic system. Recently while the washer is pumping out the water, we hear a gurgling in the garage sink, as well as in the master bath. Sometimes the water level in the master bath toilet goes down.
    Between the kitchen sink and the washer is a sewer vent, and between the hall bath and master, is another vent.
    What could be causing this problem?

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    Re: Possible septic problems?

    Sound like you may need to have your septic tank checked out . It may need to be pumped out, or drain leader re-dug. The water in the toilet will sometime drain down low in the bowl, from water backing up from the septic tank. And then when water drains down will also suck the water level down in the toilet. You could dig up in the yard where the septic tank is, and find the clean out. That would help you to see if there is a septic tank problem. If so It's not really a job you will be able to do, want to do..


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      Re: Possible septic problems?

      Could possible be a blocked vent
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