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To ROOTX or not to ROOTX

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    Re: To ROOTX or not to ROOTX

    i don't typically jet lines for roots. i will jet them if it's a very long run, very steep hillside, or a small access point.

    typically i cable the line with either a 3/4'' cable, 7/8'' sectional, or 1.25'' sectional. i also like to use my root saw or 4x6'' expanding cutters.

    a properly sized jetter with a warthog nozzle will cut roots very effectively.

    it is always nice to know where to concentrate the jetter head. a video of the line is always better than going in blind. if i know where the roots are, i can reel out the proper amount of hose or cable to concentrate my cleaning efforts.

    root-x is not a miracle product. it has to be properly applied, knowing the footage, timing and absorption time.

    roots just don't die and disappear. they need to decompose.

    a branch falls on your front lawn. we know it's dead because it's no longer attached to the tree. how long will it take for the branch to totally decompose? same goes with root-x. also there is too many variables with root-x.

    to sum it up, root-x will work on roots as long it's applied properly, by the manufacturers specs. it doesn't work overnight.

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      Re: To ROOTX or not to ROOTX

      I have a customer who had someone else snake out his roots a couple years ago and asked me to camera to see what state they were in. There were some roots, very borderline as to whether or not I should break out the 3/4 machine and remove them. Customer agreed because of the reduced expense and no backups yet to let me just apply rootx and see how it did... 3 mo later I return and camera... virtually exactly the same. I will camera again this spring, which will be about 10 mo, and we will see. I suspect either they are dead and just hanging there (though bumping them with the camera didn't knock them off), or the guy ran water too soon after I applied the rootx.

      Again, those of you who sucessfully jet roots, what nozzles, gpm, psi are you using?

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