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Problem with "Rooting" Company

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    Re: Problem with "Rooting" Company

    You should not pay for any of that. This was a bad choice for the plumber to put a jetter in first. Too many things can go wrong starting with a jetter. That is my opinion. If you do not get the clog unstopped, all that water has to go somewhere. Bust a hole in it with the machine. Run teh camera in and get a first hand look. Then put the jetter in, with the right head, to finish the job. I think you have to face every job with a different manner. I have always beleived that a backhoe was the only fix for massive root damage. If I find this, I will make sure the customers knows the consequences if I get the cable hung. We want to be a company that fixes problems; not creating them. Goodluck with your situation.


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      Re: Problem with "Rooting" Company

      I communicate every possibility to the customer, I never run a jetter without the camera option, after explaining the pro's to the camera, if the customer chooses not to run the camera, I note it on my invoice before I start. I can only offer the customer what I feel is right, if they choose otherwise, it is their house, their sewer problem. I am not going to buy their problems, or make them worse. Once everything is clear to the customer, then I proceed, they love the information beforehand, I have never had a customer refuse any logical advice. Proper wording and kowledege helps the customer not be scared. If something does happen, they knew the risks beforhand and understood what it was going to take to fix it.



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        Re: Problem with "Rooting" Company

        A properly trained technician would not have given you the option to jet the line. A few problems here with jetting; water pressure will only dissolve the waste blockage in the line leaving the roots still in the line. Most older sewer pipes going to the city main are indeed tile and are not in good condition. Hairline cracks have formed over the years from the pressure and growth of the roots getting in at the connections from the house to the street. Most of the time the house line leading to the street is a bit higher than the city main, so the house line drops down via a Tee, 90 elbow or similar. 9 times out of 10 when a jet is run from the house to the street the elbow is destroyed by the nozzle as it has difficulty negotiating the turn. When the jet tries to negotiate the bend it actually will blast thru the wall of the bend and become lodged, almost impossible to get out.

        Regardless of what you signed, the jet option should never have suggested or offered as a means to "clear the blockage". check terminology or call an attorney. The cleaning company is insured and should be covered depending on your state and local laws. You should not be on the hook to get their equipment out OR be held responsible in repairing a pipe that "may" have lasted many more years if it were cleaned correctly. On the other hand your pipe may have been a total disaster and completely destroyed by roots or deteriorated from age, in which case you may never know.

        good luck